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Investor, realtor, author, podcast host, entrepreneur, & jiu-jitsu purple belt.


I was born in the small town of Tooele, Utah. I played softball since she was 5 and my whole life was consumed by the sport throughout my childhood. I have always tried to dedicate myself as much as possible to whatever I am doing at that moment. Eventually, that dedication provided me with an opportunity to play softball in college. I attended the University of Providence where I double majored in Health and Human Performance and Health and Physical Education. After graduating college with my bachelor’s degree softball once again gave me an amazing opportunity. In the summer of 2017, I played professional softball in Sweden. I was immersed in another culture for a few months and I had the chance to experience Europe firsthand.  

Once I got home from Sweden it was time to find a job and start making a living for myself. I got a job at a high school I Utah as a health teacher and the head softball coach. After 4 years of hard work and dedication to creating financial freedom for myself, I was able to retire from teaching. Now I have dozens of rentals and have created a life of financial freedom for myself. 

Jocelyn throwing down
Jocelyn head shot vertical

My main focus now is helping to educate others on how to create financial freedom. I am now a realtor in Utah focused on helping others invest in real estate, an active investor, co-host of The Break Free Real Estate Podcast, and author of the book Break Free: Design a Life of Financial Freedom. 

When I am not busy with real estate, my podcast, or my book I have plenty of other things going on. I am the head softball coach at a high school in Utah.  I had a short but successful career in MMA that was cut short due to health problems, now I transitioned to training and competing in Brazilian JIu-Jitsu and am proud to have my purple belt in the sport. I have an amazing partner who supports me and pushes me to do my best and we have a bernadoodle named Bernie who consumes all of my remaining time. 

My Portfolio

Learn what steps I have taken to get where I am.
Magna house
March 2019
I Bought my 1st property

I bought my very first property with $12,000. This property was a fixer-upper and I turned it into a mother-in-law home with two separate living areas. After fixing the property up I decided to sell it in December of 2020 for a profit. I used a 1031 exchange and traded this mother in law home for a 10 unit building.

ogden duplex
May 2020
I purchased a duplex

I saved up another $10,000 and bought my second property which was a duplex. I had a new roof installed along with a main sewer line and new plumbing throughout the duplex. I sold this property 9 months later in March of 2021 and sold it for double what I bought it for.

signing docs
December 2020
I expanded and purchased a 10-unit

After selling my first property I used a 1031 to buy a 10-unit apartment building. I fixed up the units and rented them all out at market rates. 1 year after the purchase I was able to do a cash out refinance and tap into $750k of equity!

4-plex renovations
April 2021
I Purchased a 4-plex

After selling my duplex I purchased a 4-plex and improved it with renovations and quality tenants. I have yet to refi or sell this property and have good cash flow from this property.

Jocelyn in basement
January 2022
I bought a 17-unit apartment complex

After completing a cash out refi on my 10 plex I was able to purchase a 17 unit apartment complex. I have improved this building and have great tenants in the property. I was involved in my first seller finance deal on this property and have a great interest rate locked for 20 years.

4-plex kitchen
March 2022
I purchased another 4-plex

I purchased a newly remodeled 4-plex. This was the first property I have purchased that has not needed a lot of repairs. I have good tenants in this property and it performs well.

November 2022
I Purchased a 3-plex

I purchased a 3-plex that needed some work. I hired out the work to a contractor and the unit is all remodeled and is ready for tenants. Once this property has good tenants in it, it will be stabilized.

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